Vumile Msweli: A Beacon for Aspiring Leaders 

Vumile Msweli, a dynamic South African businesswoman, career coach, and international speaker, is making waves across continents. As the Chief Executive Officer of Hesed Consulting, she brings her expertise to the forefront, specializing in commerce acceleration, career coaching, women’s empowerment, facilitation, and training on the African continent. With a presence in both Nigeria and South Africa, Vumile (Vumi) is committed to driving positive change and fostering growth.

A Trailblazing Journey

Vumile holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting Sciences from the University of Pretoria, a Finance Honours degree from the University of Johannesburg, and an MBA from the University of London. Her pursuit of knowledge continues as she studies for a Doctorate in Applied Leadership at UGSM, Switzerland. Her accolades include being named a Woman of Excellence by the Women’s Economic Forum, a Play Your Part Ambassador by Brand South Africa, and one of the 34th Most Influential Young South Africans by Avance Media.

Vumile’s professional journey has been marked by remarkable achievements and impactful leadership. Her professional journey has been diverse and enriching. It began in the corporate banking sector, where she gained invaluable experience and insights into organizational dynamics and leadership. She has successfully led global teams in Africa (including Nigeria, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Lesotho, Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique, and South Africa) and Europe (Scotland, Isle of Man, and England). Her expertise spans operations, finance, and strategy, making her a force to be reckoned with in both the telecommunications and finance sectors.

Before establishing Hesed Consulting, Vumile worked with reputable multinational institutions such as Barclays, Investec, Nedbank, First National Bank, and Vodafone. Her contributions ranged from service strategy and operations to risk management and business development.
Vumile’s transition into entrepreneurship and career coaching was motivated by a deeply personal need. As an African woman navigating the corporate world, she found a lack of representation and support that resonated with her experiences. This inspired her to establish Hesed Consulting, driven by a desire to fill the gap she perceived in the industry and provide guidance and empowerment to individuals, particularly women, on their career journeys. “I love being able to hold space and support people in their journey from where they are to where they want to be,” she says.

Vumile’s passion for empowering others extends to her role as an international speaker. She has graced conferences, expos, and workshops worldwide, sharing insights on leadership, women’s empowerment, finance, and conducting business in Africa. Notable platforms include the African Union in Ethiopia, the Women’s Economic Forum in India, and USAID in Zambia. 
Vumile’s voice resonates beyond boardrooms. She hosts The Africa Career Summit and Awards a pan-African platform to celebrate and empower African careers. Additionally, her weekly feature in Nigeria’s largest publication, The Guardian, amplifies her impact.
Empowering Leaders 

Hesed Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services including coaching, executive training, employee wellness, and strategic development. By providing effective, personal, and professional development services, Vumile and her team hope to address Africa’s Human Capital challenges. They hope to support companies and individuals to improve themselves and their businesses.

Hesed Consulting thrives in providing consulting services that assist its clients with effective financial, strategic, and operational business solutions within a global context. What sets Hesed apart in the market is the team’s commitment to leveraging African wisdom and values to empower the clients. They tailor their solutions to address the specific needs and challenges faced by individuals and organizations, ensuring a personalized and impactful approach to coaching and consulting. Their customized solutions and engagement model aim to educate and empower the clients to grow efficiently and optimize their businesses and operations while achieving their strategic goals. 

As the founder and CEO of Hesed Consulting, Vumi’s role involves leading strategic initiatives, cultivating partnerships, and overseeing the delivery of coaching and consulting services. One of the unique ideas she has introduced is the integration of African philosophy and cultural values into Hesed’s approach. By embracing concepts such as Ubuntu and communal wisdom, they offer a fresh perspective on leadership development and organizational culture, resonating with their diverse clientele across the continent. “This why we host events like the Africa Career Summit on 29 June 2024 in Johannesburg,” she says.
Vumi’s working style can be characterized as strategic, empathetic, and collaborative. She believes in setting clear goals and objectives while fostering an environment of open communication and mutual respect. Others often define her communication style as engaging, empowering, and solution-oriented, as she strives to facilitate meaningful dialogue and empower individuals to reach their full potential. 

Facing her Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in Vumi’s career was transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. It required courage, resilience, and a willingness to embrace uncertainty. She overcame this challenge by trusting her instincts, seeking support from mentors and peers, and staying committed to her vision despite obstacles. 
This experience taught Vumi the importance of adaptability, perseverance, and the value of taking calculated risks in pursuit of her goals. There was a lot of unlearning and learning that had to happen. It taught her the importance of hard work and keeping service as a priority.

Leveraging Technology

As a modern-day entrepreneur, Vumi recognizes the transformative power of technology in driving organizational growth and efficiency. At Hesed Consulting, her team leverages technology to streamline the company’s coaching processes, reach a wider audience through online platforms, and provide virtual coaching sessions for clients across different geographies. By embracing innovative tools and digital solutions, they enhance their service delivery and ensure a seamless experience for their clients.

Anticipating Industry Changes

In the next five years, Vumi anticipates a growing demand for personalized coaching and leadership development solutions, particularly in the context of remote work and digital transformation. To prepare Hesed Consulting for the same, she plans to invest in innovative coaching methodologies, expand its online presence, and strengthen partnerships with technology providers to enhance service delivery. 
“Additionally, we will continue to stay abreast of industry trends and evolving client needs, ensuring that we remain agile and responsive in an ever-changing landscape,” she says.
However, all the vision can’t be achieved without first winning over challenges. One of the challenges hindering the progress of the industry is the lack of diversity and inclusivity in leadership development programs. To address this, Vumi suggests we need to prioritize diversity and representation in coaching and consulting services, as well as advocate for inclusive leadership practices within organizations. “By fostering a more diverse and inclusive environment, we can unlock the full potential of talent and drive positive change in the industry,” she says.

Eye on the Future

Vumile’s mission extends beyond personal success. She advocates for breaking the “glass cliff” barrier that women face in leadership roles. Her commitment to empowering women and fostering inclusive workplaces is evident in her work and advocacy.
In the next few years, one can expect Vumi and her team to continue pushing the boundaries of conventional coaching and consulting practices, exploring new avenues for growth and impact. They aim to expand their reach, deepen their impact, and remain at the forefront of driving positive change in the career development landscape. 
“With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and client-centricity, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and empowering individuals and organizations to thrive,” concludes Vumi.
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A Quote to Live By:
One quote that resonates deeply with Vumi and guides her approach to both business and life is: “The route can be asked to those who have forged ahead before you.” This proverb speaks to the importance of seeking guidance and learning from others’ experiences, acknowledging that wisdom and knowledge are gained through collaboration and shared insights. It underscores the value of humility, curiosity, and the continuous pursuit of growth and learning.

“I like keeping people at the heart of what I do.”

“I established Hesed intending to be a Pan-African organization that promotes global learning, quality talent acquisition, and personal development.”

“We pride ourselves in exceptional business and individual consulting; public speaking services for various business events as well as trade within the African continent.”