Suzanne Knight: Integrity is a core value that guides

I’m driven by curiosity and always on the lookout for new challenges and learning opportunities. I firmly believe in the value of people and strive to ensure that technology serves as a positive enabler for both individuals and businesses, rather than just an end in itself.

Integrity is a core value that guides my actions, both professionally and personally. Outside of work, I’m a dedicated mother to three young children. Balancing the demands of running my own business and parenting is challenging, but it allows me the flexibility to enjoy moments like leisurely breakfasts with my kids before starting our day.

I am also the co-founder of Be Uninterrupted, a support system powered by AI and human connection that helps professional women avoid or navigate interruptions in their careers. (

Describe your background and what did you do before you joined the company?

I have a unique background that combines industrial/organizational psychology with a strong business perspective. I view organizations as dynamic systems where every part works together, and people and processes are continually evolving. To achieve business goals—be it financial targets, market share, customer satisfaction, or employee engagement—the organization needs to be healthy, with all parts functioning harmoniously.

This perspective guided my academic and professional journey, focusing on the interplay between structure, function, process, and culture, always seeking to identify and solve barriers to effectiveness.

I earned a Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and began my career at a boutique consultancy specializing in organizational effectiveness. I then transitioned to a role with the Ontario government, where I worked in HR Policy and Economic Development while completing my MBA in Finance and Strategy. This experience was incredibly rewarding, given the scale and complexity of the projects and the extensive stakeholder engagement.

Looking to broaden my impact, I joined Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting practice, specializing in Transformational Change, and eventually became Deputy Head of a national team of 150 professionals. Later, I held executive roles at Philip Morris International and Walmart Canada, leading major organizational transformations and change management initiatives.

Today, I run my own consulting firm, mBolden, working with clients worldwide to develop implementable strategies, execute them seamlessly, and adapt boldly to change. I am also a sought-after keynote speaker, sharing insights on retail trends, embracing agility, leading for impact, and fostering innovation.

Tell us about the inception of the company. How did it all start?

My return to consulting actually started with keynote speaking.

I was in the corporate world leading a national transformation team, but also doing podcasts, speaking at conferences, and hosting high-profile corporate events like Walmart Canada’s Canadian and International CEO’s Town Hall.

I had lessons learned and advice that I wanted to share from the front lines – the trenches of transformation. The more I thought about the words I wanted to share, the more I felt that I had a unique point of view and got the itch to get back into consulting where I could share it with a larger audience, not just in words, but also in action.

What has made you successful? What do you value? 

I attribute my success, and the success of mBolden, to a unique approach to client engagement and a wealth of experience in both consulting and corporate executive roles. Here’s what has made us stand out:

Unique Perspective: We bring a distinctive lens to our work, shaped by extensive experience across various industries and roles. Every senior member of my team shares this depth of experience, having navigated leadership and significant change themselves. This background ensures that our recommendations are not only strategic but also practical and implementable.

Empathy and Understanding: We bring empathy and understanding of the challenges leaders face when driving change from within. Leaders often need to expend their own political capital, which can be daunting without a clear understanding of the change’s scope and implications.

Building Confidence: Our goal is to create a sense of safety and confidence for our clients. We help them see and understand the long-term roadmap, guided by real lessons learned and proven success factors. This approach helps leaders feel and appear bold as they drive change, with a clear path ahead.

Agile Approach: We apply an agile lens to our work—starting small, learning fast, nailing the process, and then scaling it. This method allows our clients to make bold moves with minimized risk and maximized rewards. By demonstrating success on a smaller scale first, clients gain the confidence to undertake larger initiatives.

What do I value?

Integrity: Approaching every situation with honesty and strong moral principles, both in my professional and personal life.

Empathy: Understanding and sharing the feelings of others, particularly when leading and managing change.

Innovation: Embracing new ideas and approaches to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

Collaboration: Working together with clients and team members to achieve common goals.

Continuous Learning: Fostering a culture of ongoing growth and development.

By combining these values with our strategic approach, we ensure that we deliver meaningful and lasting impacts for our clients.

Which are the major services of the company and how do the companies get ahead in the competition? What value-added services does the company provide?

At mBolden, we focus on unlocking and enhancing organizational potential. Our services include:

Strategic planning
Leadership and Team Development
Organization Design and Alignment
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
Change, Communications & Training
Workforce Planning

We support clients from conceptualization through to execution. Whether a company is thriving and looking to elevate to the next level, or facing challenges and needing to rethink strategies, we tailor our support to meet their needs.

Our primary differentiator is our focus on outcomes. We aim to understand and achieve our clients’ goals, leveraging the extensive corporate executive experience of our team to navigate organizational politics and resistance to change. This allows us to work faster, smarter, and deliver impactful results.

Our services are scalable to client needs, whether they require leadership and team development, strategic planning facilitation, or comprehensive enterprise transformation. We bring the experience and expertise necessary to deliver exceptional results.

What are the most important aspects of a company’s culture? What principles do you believe in and how do you build this culture?

The most important aspects of a company’s culture are trust, collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to continuous learning. Trust forms the foundation of any successful organization, enabling open communication and a willingness to take calculated risks. Collaboration ensures that diverse perspectives are brought to the table, leading to more comprehensive and effective solutions. Innovation keeps the company forward-thinking and adaptable, while a commitment to continuous learning fosters personal and professional growth.

I believe in leading with integrity, empathy, and a focus on people. Building this culture involves:

Setting Clear Values: Clearly articulating and modelling the company’s values in all actions and decisions.

Empowering Employees: Providing opportunities for team members to take ownership of their work and encouraging them to contribute ideas.

Fostering Open Communication: Creating an environment where feedback is welcomed and everyone feels heard.

Encouraging Innovation: Supporting experimentation and learning from failures as much as from successes.

Investing in Development: Offering continuous learning opportunities to help employees grow and develop their skills.

What is the significance of innovative ideas in the company?  

Innovative ideas are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and driving the company’s growth. They allow the company to adapt to changing market conditions, improve processes, and create new value for customers. Innovation leads to better products, services, and ways of working, ensuring the company remains relevant and can capitalize on new opportunities. It also fosters a dynamic and engaging work environment that attracts and retains top talent.

Give us your opinion on; do organizations rely heavily on individual heroics or team processes?

While individual heroics can occasionally drive short-term successes, sustainable long-term success depends on robust team processes. Team processes ensure that knowledge, skills, and responsibilities are distributed, creating a resilient and adaptable organization. Collaboration and collective effort lead to more innovative and effective solutions than any single individual could achieve alone. Therefore, while recognizing and celebrating individual contributions is important, prioritizing strong team processes creates a more stable and productive organizational environment.

What are your responsibilities as the Broker / Principal of the company? What is the happiest part of your daily routine?

As mBolden’s founder and CEO, my responsibilities include setting the strategic direction, ensuring the firm’s financial health, leading major client engagements, and fostering a strong company culture. I also focus on business development, mentoring team members, and maintaining high standards of service delivery.

The happiest parts of my daily routine are the moments of connection with my team and clients. Whether it’s a productive brainstorming session, seeing a team member grow and succeed, or receiving positive feedback from a client, these interactions remind me of the impact we’re making and the collaborative spirit that drives our work.

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time? 

For someone stepping into a leadership position for the first time, my advice would be:

Lead with Empathy: Understand and appreciate the perspectives and needs of your team members.
Communicate Clearly: Set clear expectations, provide regular feedback, and foster an open dialogue.
Stay Authentic: Be true to your values and lead by example.
Embrace Learning: Be open to learning from your experiences, including failures, and seek continuous improvement.
Empower Your Team: Trust your team’s abilities, delegate effectively, and create opportunities for them to grow and take ownership.

Remember, leadership is not about having all the answers but about guiding and supporting your team to achieve collective success.

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