Corey Myers stands at the forefront of SAAM Inc.’s commercial strategy as the Chief Commercial Officer.

SAAM Incorporated (SAAM) is a company focused on creating healthier, safer spaces. It builds novel sensors that go beyond the off-the-shelf options to deliver laboratory-grade science, accessible by anyone. Its patented technology delivers real-time air quality and safety monitoring that keeps people healthy and alerts them of safety concerns at the earliest
possible moment.

The company is working to launch the best air quality monitor on the market, with actionable insights enabled by sensors with the highest sensitivity to environmental toxins and harmful gases that keep users healthy, safe, and informed.

Solutions for Health and Safety
At SAAM Inc., the mission is to enhance the health and safety of people worldwide by creating accessible and innovative solutions for monitoring air quality, as well as detecting smoke, fire, and gases. The company’s patented technology pioneering S-Series technology the company has developed is set to revolutionize safety measures by offering early warnings of dangerous conditions, thereby saving lives. Additionally, it promises to improve air within buildings by providing vital information about air quality. “Our multifunctional devices are designed to replace several separate detectors, offering a more integrated and cost-efficient approach to safeguarding health and safety at home,” says Corey Myers, Chief Commercial Officer, SAAM Inc.

SAAM’s leadership team boasts a proven track record of founding and scaling enterprises, as well as pioneering technologies that tackle global challenges. With a wealth of experience garnered from senior roles in top-tier Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, they bring unparalleled expertise in business growth and operations.

“Our engineering team is equally skilled, with a rich background in crafting scientific tools and consumer products, particularly in the applied use of optical spectroscopy and machine learning. Driven by a fervent dedication to preserving life and fostering better health worldwide, our team is poised to join the market positioned SAAM as a frontrunner in the market for consumer-grade detectors of air quality, smoke, fire, gases, and chemicals, thanks to our patented approach to sensor fusion that’s exclusive to the Haven technology,” shares Corey.

A Focused Leader
Corey Myers stands at the forefront of SAAM Inc.’s commercial strategy as the Chief Commercial Officer. With a rich history of success in global product promotion, particularly in
North America, Corey’s expertise is pivotal in driving the national sales of HavenGO, the company’s award-winning, portable, health and safety device SAAM’s innovative Haven technology.

Corey’s career has been a non-linear journey, to say the least. He has always found himself trying to solve problems as opposed to working with a defined industry. He has started companies in the video game industry, international trade and logistics, angel investments, and a golf driving range with a bar and restaurant. Nestled in these entrepreneurial projects, he also
spent five years at Tesla and is now the Chief Commercial Officer at SAAM Inc. working to bring the HavenGO to market. SAAM was exceptionally interesting to him from its inception. He joined as an investor over four years ago as he knew the patented technical capabilities using IR spectroscopy for gas detection held a unique value proposition.

As mentioned, before joining SAAM Inc., Corey’s career highlights include a significant tenure at Tesla, where he led the Tesla Mobile Games division, indirectly reporting to Elon Musk. His entrepreneurial spirit is evidenced by his substantial start-up and exit experience in the software industry, marking him.

Corey’s academic background is as diverse as his professional journey, holding a BS in Biology and Chemistry from Wittenberg University. His college years were marked by active participation in sports, including basketball and rugby, reflecting his dynamic and competitive spirit.

In his current role at SAAM, Corey’s main focus is to bring HavenGO to market across both B2C and B2B verticals. He joined a stellar team of technologists and they’re building an even larger team with the same ethos of creating healthy, safe spaces. They’re racing to bring this device to market and meet the consumer where they’re at – direct to them online, through influencers they know and trust, or at their local big box stores. SAAM’s patented HavenGO technology brings laboratory-grade science into the home – or the dorm room, hotel room, Airbnb, RV, wherever you need – to keep you healthy and safe in whatever space you’re in.

A Winning Approach
In his journey so far, Corey has seen more challenges than he can even count. He takes the same approach to all problems: Humility and networking. He has learned to seek counsel from the great relationships he has built and lean in with vulnerability. “Just saying “I don’t know this” or “Have you ever been in a similar situation?” or “How did you handle it?” or “I need help.” can make amazing things happen,” he insists.

As for problem-solving, he believes in failing fast. “It is imperative to go with your gut, make decisions fast, gain insight, and adjust on the fly. It is ok to fail, and it is ok to make mistakes, there is no better way to learn than experience. You can make any mistake, just do not make the same one twice,” says Corey.

Having been on board several initiatives, Corey is on a constant quest to surround himself with amazing humans. A substantial portion of his background is in talent acquisition, and he learned that for him to be the best leader possible, he needs to be the dumbest guy in the room. “Hire great people, treat them well, and do not manage them. Rather empower them to do what they do best,” he believes.

Envisioning the future
Corey expects SAAM and the HavenGO to become the household name when it comes to health and safety for air quality. SAAM’s engineers are at the bleeding edge of what sensors can do today, and their continued iteration and improvements have produced the HavenGO, a device that can detect harmful gases, VOCs, pollutants, and much more. Their AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled technology will inform individuals about the precursors for dangerous events and life-threatening issues through voice-enabled alerts as well as on our smartphone companion application.

“I have full conviction that our technology will not only be in the HavenGO product line but sought after as a white-labeled technology solution that will provide numerous other products with advanced detection capabilities,” concludes Corey.