Andrea Lepcio | Founder Mighty Fit

over a computer writing plays. I got some exercise, but was random. My posture was terrible. I had aches and pains and didn’t sleep well. As I was coming to the end of my 50s, I started thinking about the future. How did I want to age? I knew I wanted to stay active. I decided to become a personal trainer in my 59th year. I completed my 500 yoga hours at 65.

Tell us about the inception of the company. How did it all start?

The COVID-19 pandemic launched Mighty Fit. In-person fitness shut down suddenly in 2020. Fortunately, I was familiar with Zoom and had been teaching online playwriting classes for years. I immediI changed my life, and I am changing my clients’ lives. I am a playwright, an ACE-certified personal trainer, and a Yoga Medicine Registered Therapeutic Specialist. Born and raised in Boston, I have lived in California and New York and now make my home in rural Maine. Because I am in a remote area, I value that I can offer my services online to folks across the globe. My mission is to get people moving as they age. There is no magic pill we can take; exercise is the magic.

Describe your background and what did you do before you joined the company?

I spent over twenty-five years huddled ately offered an online Yoga class to my local senior community. I began to consider offering my services online. A friend encouraged me to take myself seriously and create a company. Mighty Fit was organized in November 2020.

What has made you successful? What do you value?

My clients make me successful. I value each individual’s uniqueness. I design custom programs to bring them the results they seek. I celebrate when they hit new milestones, accomplish a score or activity that makes them happy, try something new because they feel ready for it, and otherwise age in motion. Communication is key. I am readily available to answer questions, check their form via video, and hop on a Zoom call. My attention keeps clients accountable.

Which are the major services of the company and how do the companies get ahead in the competition? What value-added services does the company provide?

Mighty Fit offers custom fitness and healthy eating coaching. We deliver services through our custom app and via email. Our aim is to make it straightforward for our clients to access their workouts and nutrition programming. Our value-add is our customization. There is nothing cookie-cutter at Mighty Fit. Each individual receives a unique program designed to address their interests, limitations, injuries, goals, and desired results. Questions are answered immediately. I am always open to their ideas and suggestions.

What are the most important aspects of a company’s culture? What principles do you believe in and how do you build this culture?
Mighty Fit is designed for everyone. We like to meet people where they are. There are no limits. From where you are today, you can become more mobile. We all can age in motion. At Mighty Fit, we create a model for getting stronger together. Andrea knows from her own experience that getting healthy can take time. We’re in it with you for the long haul. We know that results are achievable if you stick with the program. We aspire to repair the world. This is an expression from our Jewish Tradition – Tikkun olam. It means we see the hurt, and we take action to heal. We won’t stand idly by; we will make a difference. We offer scholarships to those who are unable to pay. We are fun, love having fun, and make it fun, even as we work. Andrea got hooked on fitness as soon as she discovered how much there was to learn. Curiosity is what motivates her every day to find the best exercise for each muscle group, the best approach for each joint, and the best way to make working out accessible. A partner to her curiosity is her gratitude to her teachers and her mother for their lessons and guidance.

What is the significance of innovative ideas in the company?
Mighty Fit is guided by science-based fitness and healthy eating. Robust research is invigorating the field. Andrea likes nothing more than to find a new report that provides fresh insight and new ideas to help clients. Innovation is a central part of designing successful programs for clients. Andrea is a life-long learner who takes classes regularly on yoga and nutrition.

What are your responsibilities as the Broker / Principal of the company? What is the happiest part of your daily routine?
My days are wonderfully varied as owner/founder of Mighty Fit. The first step is to check in with clients. I ask everyone to be in touch at least once a week; I appreciate clients who do a daily check-in. It is critical for me to be in touch with people, so I know how they are doing, where they are in the program, if they have any questions, and if they need any changes. Accountability is a key part of what I offer, and I have found it is why clients stick with me for the long term. My next step is to speak with prospective clients. I love this process of getting to know people and coming up with solutions for their problems. Once a client signs on, I do a detailed intake to get to know them better and to give me the information I need to build their custom program. I update each client’s program each week in keeping with their progress. I would say the happiest part of my daily routine is all of this client-focused work. I am creative, and I do enjoy creating content. I am a writer and relish writing blog posts for Medium and Substack and creating my weekly newsletter.

First-time leader advice & Individual heroics or team processes: which is more relied upon by organizations?
Building strong teams is the best route to creating a strong organization. Each individual is a key contributor, but I believe that the better idea always comes from teams processing and thinking together. Even as a solopreneur, it is crucial to invite people into your process. Find trusted friends and hire skilled people to support your mission.

Quote “Empowerment begins with a single step, and every step forward is a victory.”
Quote “Strength is found not in isolation, but in the unity of shared purpose and collective effort.”
Quote “In the dance of life, every movement tells a story of resilience, determination, and boundless possibility.”
Quote “Together, we rewrite the narrative of aging, turning each chapter into a testament of strength and vitality.”
Quote “As we journey towards our best selves, let’s remember: the path to wellness is paved with small, consistent steps.”